A Dream Come True

It's way past time to update this blog and I have big news!  After over 6 years building on our new house my husband is installing the temp. kitchen cabinets (old ones taken out of the old MH we tore down), installing the new appliances that we bought about 4 yrs ago, and soon we'll get the county to sign off on the building permit!!!  We think we'll be moved in by the end of March. . . but the other big news is that tomorrow a carpet layer is coming to install the newish Berber carpet (that we also salvaged from the old place) upstairs in the second bedroom (aka my new studio - playroom - whatever) and I'll be setting up shop this week.  It's an approx. 19' x 15' room that will have a guest bed in one corner, but the rest is mind to set up tables, a desk, book cases, storage cupboards, and too many tubs of fabric.
I plan on having a dedicated spot for my sewing machine, a painting area, and plenty of room to invite a few friend over to be creative!  A dream come true - it really, really is.

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