Some Fun News

Even though I've been down with a nasty cold the last two days, I just got a burst of excitement energy by checking my email. . . . 
Hello Shannon, Kathleen, Angela and Chris!
I just wanted to let you know that the following pieces you created on our new Ultra-Light Lutradur® were selected to be printed on the packaging (close-up detail shots). Soon you'll get an email with the link to your images in the Troupe Flickr gallery, where the specific shot we used will be identified.
- Front cover:  Angela - Magpie quilt
- Back cover:  Kathleen - lampshade and butterfly card ; Shannon - Beauty collage; Chris - Excuses quilt 
This product will be released worldwide in July - in another month or so, we will be able to email you the full package image - and we will arrange to mail you a complimentary package as soon as our inventory arrives.
Feel free to share this news on your blogs, etc. and thanks again for being a member of the Creative Troupe!
Lisa Fulmer, Marketing Manager
C&T Publishing — www.ctpub.com
Here's the piece I created for C&T Publishing.  It's called "Hiding Behind Excuses"
Here's one close up

It's using a new lighter weight of Lutradur.  This stuff is great since you can paint on it, print on it and even burn it.  Which I did and it was fun.  I found it an especially useful application when wanting to show what's under it - sort of like a hidden image or message, but just enough peeking through for the observer to be curious enough to take a closer look.

Other news. . . . I've been taking Jane Davila's e-class called "Jump Start Your Art Career" and the next e-class that I'm taking is from Kelly Rae Roberts called "FLYING LESSONS: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar"

BWS tips button  All of this just as I go back into the workforce!!!  But maybe, just maybe. . . this will make me work harder to escape once again ; ))


I Love Tutorials

Just a quick post about a great tutorial I stumbled upon.  And it's affordable!  Only $10.   One thing I've loved for some time now, is transfering images and text to fabric.  But I'm also looking to do more mixed media as well as exploring other methods of doing artwork.  Painting with watercolor and acrylics, encaustic, color enhancement on black and white photography, etc.  I especially like images of old barns, old trucks, windows and doorways.  Don't know why.  I just do.

So here's the information about this latest tutorial that I'm excited about.

And if you're like me. . . you'll be digging in your change purse to be able to view this treasure!  Oh, and her art is great besides!!!  Enjoy.


Thinking About Creativity

Here's a video that's message is timeless!  It's about being creative and that's all I'm going to say.  You just need to watch it (without distraction) and then please leave a comment and tell me what you thought!

To my friends and with love,  chris