I Love Tutorials

Just a quick post about a great tutorial I stumbled upon.  And it's affordable!  Only $10.   One thing I've loved for some time now, is transfering images and text to fabric.  But I'm also looking to do more mixed media as well as exploring other methods of doing artwork.  Painting with watercolor and acrylics, encaustic, color enhancement on black and white photography, etc.  I especially like images of old barns, old trucks, windows and doorways.  Don't know why.  I just do.

So here's the information about this latest tutorial that I'm excited about.

And if you're like me. . . you'll be digging in your change purse to be able to view this treasure!  Oh, and her art is great besides!!!  Enjoy.


Chris Fegles said...

Just had to mention one other thing. I don't usually write blog posts this early - but I've been laying on the couch blog surfing on my laptop for a couple of hours. My sweet little beagle started whimpering sometime after 3ish this morning to go out and pee. . . so to make a long story short, I leashed him and went out with him (other keywords are: big coyote, real live dead dog ((boy that's an oxymoron)) my paranoia) and I couldn't go back to sleep. I’m sure further explanations might be needed, but I’m just too tired. Why oh why did I decaffeinate!?!!!

debbi d-w said...

Hi Chris. Just popped over from the "Jumpstart" class and wanted to say how fun it is that your personality shines through your blog. Good thing to notice after our "branding week." :-)

u2rblessed said...

Chris, thanks for posting about grittyjane, I have been wanting to learn how to mount prints to wood. I will have to purchase the tutorial. I am so excited to get to meet such fabulous artists in Kelly's class. Your blog is fun. I know what you mean about late night and blog surfing, I am so hooked. My friends do facebook and I do blogs.

Kerri said...

i that looks great! thanks for passing it along-

jessicajane said...

Hey Chris!

I've enjoyed looking around on your blog, a great collection of art and ideas and loved this bit about "Gritty Jane" not to mention your own lovely fiber works! Really great stuff! I am also taking Kelly Rae's e-course, look forward to connecting with you further!

Jessica Jane