Some Fun News

Even though I've been down with a nasty cold the last two days, I just got a burst of excitement energy by checking my email. . . . 
Hello Shannon, Kathleen, Angela and Chris!
I just wanted to let you know that the following pieces you created on our new Ultra-Light Lutradur® were selected to be printed on the packaging (close-up detail shots). Soon you'll get an email with the link to your images in the Troupe Flickr gallery, where the specific shot we used will be identified.
- Front cover:  Angela - Magpie quilt
- Back cover:  Kathleen - lampshade and butterfly card ; Shannon - Beauty collage; Chris - Excuses quilt 
This product will be released worldwide in July - in another month or so, we will be able to email you the full package image - and we will arrange to mail you a complimentary package as soon as our inventory arrives.
Feel free to share this news on your blogs, etc. and thanks again for being a member of the Creative Troupe!
Lisa Fulmer, Marketing Manager
C&T Publishing — www.ctpub.com
Here's the piece I created for C&T Publishing.  It's called "Hiding Behind Excuses"
Here's one close up

It's using a new lighter weight of Lutradur.  This stuff is great since you can paint on it, print on it and even burn it.  Which I did and it was fun.  I found it an especially useful application when wanting to show what's under it - sort of like a hidden image or message, but just enough peeking through for the observer to be curious enough to take a closer look.

Other news. . . . I've been taking Jane Davila's e-class called "Jump Start Your Art Career" and the next e-class that I'm taking is from Kelly Rae Roberts called "FLYING LESSONS: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar"

BWS tips button  All of this just as I go back into the workforce!!!  But maybe, just maybe. . . this will make me work harder to escape once again ; ))

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LuAnn Kessi said...

Hey Chris.......congrats on the Lutradur package.
I will have to check out the lighter weight, more like fabric, not so stiff probably. I am anxious to play with it. I have the other 2 weights of Lutradur.

Congrats on landing a job too!
You are a busy girl.
Keep up the great work!