Bad News - Good News

Well, the bad news is that the carpet layer came yesterday and talked Mike out of laying the old carpet in my room.  Berber is harder to seam and this would have needed multiple seams to make it work.  More seams, more time, more $$ and he said if it were him he wouldn't use that carpet piece because of the wear.

And Mike and I were both so excited to have me move in and have a special place to start creating in.  But the good news is that all along I resisted the idea of installing the old carpet then later having new carpet in the hall butt up against the old.  I wanted all one carpet so that it would all flowwwwwww and look like a new house should look.  Another kink in the (carpet at all in that room) thought process, is that I do plan on painting in that room.  Painting on fabric, painting on paper and whatever else strikes my creative urges.  I was wondering if linoleum wouldn't be better with an area rug over by the guest bed.  Guess I'll just have to be really careful or take the dye paints out in the garage with a large tarp.  I'm sure I'll work it out somehow.

So, for now I have to wait to move in and will continue to daydream about what it will be like to finally be all set up and working down there.

This is the view out of the South window, looking out over the Alsea River at the bend.  The day I took this photos it was busy with fishing boats passing by, lingering in the favorite hole at the beginning of the bend.  Through the double windows I have a panoramic view to the West, East & South East.  I love looking across the river at the pastures and the hills.

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