My Birthday Present This Year!

My husband surprised me with this sweet little gift last Friday.  What a treasure!  I had never heard of Singer Featherweights in "celery" color.  It was cool looking it up on the Internet and I can tell you it was a rare find, especially in the shape it's in. . . (well, I guess I should say after he oiled the heck out of it and worked on it).

I have to mention that when he first got it, he took it in to Jannilou's and Jan and Lou both gave him lot's of information, advise and encouragement that all it really just needed was some loving care and a good oiling!  Jan told me later that as they stood there talking about it, Mike wondering if it would ever really run again, she kept at the hand wheel, encouraging it to move and slowly it did start to budge.  That's all most of us need most of the time. . a nice gentle hand and an encuraging budge!!!  Thanks again Jan and Lou!

So as he gave it to me he told me the story about bringing it home and how at first it wouldn't work and how he had his doubts about it running at all.  But the good news was that it had been in storage for many, many years and wasn't hardly used by it's previous owner.  The case is in great shape (but lacking the key) and the accessory box with it's parts, is in great condition too.  The owners manual is in perfect condition!  Take a look. . . and might I add what a lucky woman I am to have such a wonderful husband (who also happens to collect a few of the black Featherweights along with me)!

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LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Chris.........love that darling FW.
I have a black one, for about 10 years now. It is my little workhorse and travels everywhere with me.
You two will live happily ever after.