Kids In Stitches Sewing Classes

In 1990 I created "Kids in Stitches" and taught children's sewing and crafts out of my home. It was a great time and I loved encouraging and watching the girls sew their fun projects. I also loved sewing the class samples. Here are a few random photos of several of my students. I do hope I planted and sprouted a little seed, and that they have continued to sew and enjoy the process to this day. And I want to thank my friend Liz Deck who blazed the trail with her kids sewing classes in Eugene, OR. She freely shared her information and offered so much encouragement for me to develop my own "sewing school". Oh, I don't want to forget to mention that I only had one student sew her finger! That was a plus. A special thanks to the moms who trusted me with their precious children!

Look at those smiles! I still run into some of these kids or have their parents tell me how much they loved their sewing classes. Right now I'm in the process of trying to email these old photos to the parents that I can still get a hold of. And one young lady I recently ran into was expecting her first baby. Wow - they do grow up fast don't they! They're having children and I'm a grandma now - 4 x.


Chloe said...

Oh, so cute. How did the boys like having those girls around?

BruceandBarbara said...

Wow...I remember those days like they were yesterday!