I want to teach a class called "No Customer Service"

Here's a blog that I just found and I know I will refer back to it again for all things sewing and quilting.


and here’s the comment I left there:
When I Googled for a Coats and Clark thread conversion chart - your blog came up!!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Today I'm heading back into town (a 50 mile round trip) to do more errands, but mostly to pick up thread to continue a project I want to keep going on.

Yesterday a girl at the local Joanne Fabrics wasn't even aware that the new thread #'s didn't match the old thread #'s. I was the one to mention that there might be a conversion chart on the internet and she seemed somewhat interested. Well today I'm taking a copy to the store and will "nicely" suggest that they might want to laminate it and hang it by their thread as a great customer service!  (Oh my, what a concept)
My husband and I want to come up with a class and offer it to businesses, called "No Customer Service". What are they thinking???
So I applaud you for what you are providing to the rest of us!!!!!!
No kidding. Mike and I have talked about it several times. Of course it's always after leaving a store or business where the sales help has been less than helpful and often times downright comatose! We also wonder if we're just getting old and crotchety.

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One Creative Queen said...

When you start this course, I'll run the Denver division. There are enough clueless companies with poor customer service here that I think it could be a long, prosperous road. :)

BTW: You're not getting old and crotchety - people just don't seem to care anymore. It drives me nuts! (That should probably say "nuttier", but oh well.) xx