Alsea Art Farm - Dreaming of Retreats Being Held Here!

. . . . as promised on Kelly Rae's e-course, I will post more info about my proposal to have 1 or 2 nearly free creative retreats (6-8 people) here at what I like to think of as "Alsea Art Farm".  Probably by tomorrow you can expect more information.  Here's one photo to show you what a beautiful drive it is to our property!

From Corvallis to Alsea, this is going up Mary's Peak and there are only 2 miles of curvy road (for those that get car sick)

This is the new home we've been building for the last 7 years and we're almost ready to move in.  I will have a studio upstairs and I'd love to have some play date weekends / small retreats!

This is one view of the river from the back deck.

And this is the deck. . .

We've even hosted 3 weddings so far.

This is the great room (much will be unfinished even as we move in next month)
Below are just a few small shots of the landscaping and special places I love.


Here's the island and a view of the front of the house as you drive up.

The second dwelling on the property is a MF home and it will be empty in about a month. . . so before we get it rented, I'd like to offer it as a place to camp out. . . . it can sleep 8.  It really would have to be like camping (but fancier) you'd have to bring sleeping bags and mats or blowup mattresses, towels and personal stuff.  There won't be any furniture - so just a place to crash.  I'll keep the TP supplied!  There's also a washer and a dryer, a dishwasher (oops no dishes - guess you'll only have the snacks you bring).  A fridge and a microwave will still be there too.  I imagine simple meals will have to be arranged.  Alsea has no restaurant at this time because it's closed and up for sale.  There is gas and a store.

This is one of our two shop kitties - but they're a little shy with strangers.
Our homes are smoke free but animal friendly.

So that's our place - a little piece of Heaven and people who come out here absolutely love it.  The other special spot I don't have photos of just yet is the creek that runs along side the lower end of the property and the patio sitting area.  You can literally sit there with a cool drink, hear stereo creek sounds from two sides as is winds through, the birds chirping like crazy and you just melt away into bliss.  It's my favorite spot to relax!

And there are endless ideas for what to play with, fiber, paints, papers, stamps, photos, you name it.  I also like the idea of renting a workshop from  www.artworkshops.tv
 , oh and here's the best tip I can give you. . . .if you sign up for their newsletter you will get to view free videos with every newsletter.  This weeks newsletter has this video free to watch.  "Beeswax Collage with Claudine Hellmuth"  And I've watched free videos of Sherrill Kahn and Ann Baldwin - both ladies that I've taken workshops with.
If you teach workshops - you need to know about this company!!!!!

OK, I need to get back to mowing and weeding!  Enjoy that link ;~)


suzanna leigh said...

sounds like fun! I would love to come!
I'm on this creative journey again after a lifetime of sidetracks, of getting the rug pulled out just when I thought I was ready to go for it.

Kim Henkel said...

I too would love to come, as I struggle to find a creative community... unfortunately, I live to far away to make it. Best of luck!

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

wow! what a cool idea! I know places that would be incredible places to hold a gathering, but have never thought to do it until now! I wish I lived in Oregon!

Cre8Tiva said...

my dream is having retreats for artists...let me know when you are ready and the details...

Blessings, r

American Quilter's Society said...

Such a creative idea! Good luck!


Valerie said...

Hi Chris! I agree with Rebecca from Cre8tiva! Was so inspired after Kelly's last post that I wanted to start calling people and go NOW to an art retreat! Too funny! I am enjoying exploring your blog. I love that "Worth The Time" video too. I sent Kelly a link to it when she was looking for inspirational videos. And your Alsea Farm is so beautiful! How blessed you are.

I am on the East coast north of Boston. So dropping by for coffee is not an option... [sigh]

So happy to connect with you. Happy Flying!

xoxo Valerie

Michele said...

Holy cow, you are moving into my dream home! I love love your property. The creek sells it completely for me. :) What area/state are you in? It's gorgeous!

Juliette Crane said...

art retreats here sound wonderful! i am so happy to be in class with you! what a beautiful space! your blog looks just lovely and is completely inspiring! thank you so much for sharing! can't wait to keep in touch about retreats!

best wishes to you!

Julia said...

Oh my, this is incredibly, beautifully gorgeous. I would love to sit by that creek & just listen.

I want to come! I'm in Corvallis--so so close! Can't wait to see this all evolve.

Bev said...

ok. i'm there. just let me know when the retreat is. stunning property! and i live in no. calif so i wouldn't have to travel far!! YAY!!
aren't you just lovin' kelly's class...every post gives me more tools to move forward with my biz...
glad i found you, chris...

Deborah said...

OMGoodness, how beautiful! Dream-like really, especially for one who resides in the desert! So happy to meet you through Kelly's class.
**kisses** Deb

jacqueline said...

You have such a gorgeous place! Everything about it is beautiful! I would LOVE to have my wedding and art retreat there! If only i live close enough. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Marguerita said...

What a lovely property and home! I am driving from Alaska to Arizona this fall - I might have to detour in your direction!

Heather T. said...

Gorgeous house, Chris!! Mary's Peak is delightful--went up there once with our doggie who had lymphoma (we were doing back and forths between the Animal Hospital in Corvallis & the coast), so it has kind of a special meaning to me.

Love your art--so glad you found my blog and said hi!

Oh, have you heard of the the Oregon PaperCrafter Retreat in Depoe Bay, in September? I've managed to find daycare for one of the days--can't wait! This is their Yahoo group: oregoncoastgetaway@yahoogroups.com

Gabriela Delworth said...


Just passing by and saying hello to a fellow member to the Creative Troupe.

Yes! I agree, this is an awesome place to held retreats!

~ Gabriela ~