So - I Like Color

OK, this blog always seems to be a work in progress (just like me!) and after I changed the header image to this new one, I ran it by my graphic designer son.  I'm sure he said some complimentary things, and other things all taken as the constructive criticism that I was asking for. . . . but one word is still haunting me.  He thought the header colors a bit "Garish".  I blame my inexperience with Photoshop elements in perfecting a less than perfect image.  (can you see why I'm excited about my new book that I mention below :)  Anyway.

(Update 6/17/10 I removed the banner I was mentioning in this post.  I've posted it below.  I still like it, especially in this smaller version.  The one I have now is temporary - too simple.  I will play around with this one or the idea as soon as I have a bit more time.  If you'd like to leave comments, please do.

Something I should have done from the beginning is to take print screens of each design change I've made.  Oh well, too late for all past ones, but it's a good idea now!)

I already took away the two tiny purple sidebars and now I'm looking at how to make my header less garish.  I just took a class from Jane Davilla and one of her suggestions was to be consistent in branding.  I just don't know how I'm going to do that because I love to come up with new ideas.  Now I have to either simplify or change "Garish" or redesign something entirely different.  Now was certainly not the time to go back to work, even part time.  I simply have less time to play and that's no fun.


Soraya Nulliah said...

Hi Chris-just popping over from Kelly's class. thank you so much for adding the spreadsheet so we can all connect:) Am going to look through your post here:)

Nic Hohn said...

I like to think of my blog as an artwork in process, and often change my headers as my art develops.

Thanks for visiting and saying hi.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Hello Chris ... just flying by from Kelly Rae's class and wanted to check out your blog.

I just saw some really cute (and colourful) "web art" at Basic Grey today that you may want to look into ... http://www.basicgrey.com/digital/shop/category/web
They have blog headers, blog backgrounds, and pages and they are about $1 each. They are very tasteful and have a similar look to the quilts that you currently are showing on your blog. You can pull a couple of colours out of the Basic Grey art to use for your type, etc.


I Am Write said...

Chris, "Garish = perfect.