Quilting Magazines - Ooooh La La!

This is the quilt magazine cover I'm lusting over right now.  I want to create something with its feel, vibrant color and zingy style.  Simple huh, but oh so cute!

I’m blessed to be leaving this afternoon for a woman’s retreat at the coast this weekend, but all of a sudden I want to stay home and play.  That’s not unusual, but what is, is that I’ve been in a non-producing place for some time now.  So I collect magazines, peruse blogs, get inspired and frustrated all at the same time.  I know there are other people that can probably relate to this.  Maybe, there’s even a self-help group I can join?  If you know of one, email me!
I'm still dreaming & waiting for the day that I can move into my new room (a.k.a Studio).  We purchased the wood flooring last weekend for the whole house, which has to be acclimated to the interior of the new house before Mike can install it.  Then the floor finisher comes in to do his thing.  Then the last step before moving in will be to have carpet installed.  We're thinking another two months!  But wait, we have a nephew getting married here at the property on May 15th. . . maybe waiting till after that is a good thing (but I'm also thinking that we can use some of those young muscles to move some of the heavy stuff before or after the wedding.  A small price to pay for camping and spending the weekend here, wouldn't you say?)
I have been playing around with dryer softener sheets (I first used these in my 1st Starbuck's Quilt in 1997) but now I'm printing on them.  Also playing around with face wipes.  Seems like this is all coming around again right now.  I'm seeing it on lot's of blogs and in mag. articles.  Reminds me of the saying "Nothing is new under the sun", we just rediscover with a twist.
Speaking of the Starbuck's Quilt. . . I'm not yet ready to post the art quilts I started doing in 1997 while a member of Tactile Expressions, but if you want to see a few things I've done you can take a look here. . . . http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Fegles-ArtPlay/243989502476?ref=ts  go to "photos", then "other works"  There are a few things there, certainly not all the stuff I need to dig up (photos mostly, because a lot of   my quilts have been sold)  By the way. . . I'm about ready to put the first Starbuck's quilt up on Ebay with a minimum bid, in order to get the funds to trademark a term.  Yes, that's what I said!  We think we have a great idea and really want to market it asap, but not without trademark protection first.  And with me still being unemployed, I either need to sell plasma or sell a quilt to get the extra funds needed to pursue this frivolous idea.  And to end this post. . . these are the covers that I almost want to frame!  I love the colors!!!

Did I mention that these are all going to the retreat with me?
Of course I'm still dreaming!

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Shannon said...

Hi there!
I'm so happy you'll be joining us on our quest to reduce clutter for 2010. I am currently out of town so when I return I will add you to the list, and I'll send you the purple badge for your site.

Cheers to you for wanting to create more space for what matters most! So glad I'm not alone in this!