Postcard Quilts

Last night at Mary's River Quilt Guild there were two speakers, one who did a slide show and a demonstration of postcard quilts.  Her's were actually mailable, which is so cool.  Although I've never mailed any of mine, I have made quite a few and I can't help but love almost all of them.  Which of course makes it difficult to part with some.  All are 4" x 6" finished little quilts with bound edges.  I sold them in black shadowbox frames that I purchased from American Frame Co., but last time I looked I couldn't find the same frames for sale, which is disappointing because I would love to pick up where I left off and produce these one-of-a-kind little pieces of art and sell them in galleries again.  The last gallery I sold them in was on the Oregon coast where they were priced at $70.  Of course, after commission and supply costs (mostly for the frame) I think I made about $25.00 each.

The thing from last nights speaker that perked up my ears was when she mentioned that she sends them to grandkids and how much they loved them - hmmmm my gramma heart was telling me to do just that and very soon.

But here's a sample of my quiltart postcards (introduced to me in a workshop 10 yrs ago, by David Walker )   I apologize - I'm still trying to figure out how to take great photographs.  Some are ok, but some are barely passable.   While I'm making excuses. . I'm having a heck of a time with blogger's photo placement.  Sometimes it just has a mind of it's own!

The first one above says "Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see"
The one on the lower left says "When someone you know becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure"  and the one lower right was made when I found out that I would be a grandma for the first time.  It was a reminder to me to pray for that little one because there were challenging circumstances!  There still are - and my granddaughter is 9 years old now.  

Above it says "Art washes away from the Soul the dust of everyday life"  And then there are the postcard quilts that are unfinished.  I posted two here.  To the right it says, "Complete forgiveness is Memory without the Pain".  

I unearthed several of them a couple of months ago and it was such a pleasant surprise.

When we move into the new house in a few short months, that's what it's going to be like when I can finally unpack everything that's been in storage for the last 7+ years.  I think we even have things in storage that were brought from the Philomath house's attic.  Mike has said for years that when we finally have a garage sale, it's going to be a BIG one!

And then there's this last one.  I think I like it so much I may be keeping it for myself!  "Creating my own reality with art"


Candylei said...

Oh so cute! Makes me want to thread my sewing machine! And I just read the post about your taking drawing classes! You will be great at it! Draw every day...really ;)

Sharon Benton said...

Hi Chris - thanks for your comments on my blog! My shows go well - when I get in. I am wait-listed for my next 3 shows!

I love your post cards and how you've integrated mixed media with the fabric. I also love your avatar - cute photo!

hey - you're in Oregon - not too far from Redmond WA.

So what do you want to get out of this class? Sellig? Teaching? All of the above?